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November 30th, 2016 by J

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Although Paulina Rubio was born to a rich family, as she ‘humbly’ states, many believe that she would still do well with her career even if she’s not some rich brat born with a silver spoon in her pretty mouth. But being famous the moment she was born did help greatly in building more connections to create her own world where she would have her own fans and followers and admirers of all sorts instead of relying on her Mexican actress mother’s fame and father who’s a lawyer to many famous people. Rubio does have her own skills which eventually became a career in singing and acting and everybody loves her.

The more her fans followed her activities when they discovered that Rubio has her wild side, which she didn’t actually hid from them since it is this leaked public fuck video with her equally hot and sexy hubby. This may be wild for the fact that she’s sucking a cock and having her breasts and pussy played with while beside a swimming pool but Rubio likes it romantic, taking it slow and steady before going rough and hard on her. She likes long foreplays especially that her man gets hard longer when she lets him toy with her big juicy tits and eat her twat for as long as he wants to right before sticking his dick in her hole. Rubio goes crazy whenever her hubby explodes inside her because this makes her cum the moment he does and they often make a huge mess when she starts spillin’ bodily fluids between her legs.

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July 6th, 2016 by J

Mexican hottie Paulina Rubio has been practicing her blowjob skills ever since she was told that she is about to hook up with some dude with a much bigger dick than her former boyfriend’s. She was all excited of course and prepared for most of her free time at home. She’d use her big dildoes, licking and sucking on them, making sure she won’t end up biting the lucky bastard’s dick because she’s getting tired opening her mouth for long periods of time. Rubio didn’t have much sleep the night before the meet because she just can’t wait any longer to put into action what she has been working on the past days.

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She was supposed to have one wild sex in her bedroom but while washing up in the bath, her new fuck buddy opted for them to start from there. She’s down on her knees and enjoying the view from down under as she puts her mouth around this big cock and began sucking hard. Not too bad, she thought, she gave this jock one hell of a blowjob. She got a load of his jizz after getting stuffed deep in her pussy too.

Todo Sobre Paulina Rubio

June 28th, 2010 by pauli

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Here are some real pics of Paulina Rubio, taken by the paparazzi, while frolicking in the water. This guapisima singer did a lot of travelling while growing up because of her mother, famous actress Susana Dosamantes. At the age of seven, she knew she wanted to be a singer. She studied performinging at El Centro de Capacitacion de Televisa. She later was a member of teen pop sensation Timbiriche, along with Thalia. Timbiriche made them both very famous. This muy atractiva hottie left Timbiriche in 1991, after being a part of it for ten years; she wanted to make her own music.

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Paulina did some acting in telenovelas for a while; and hosted the Spanish show “Vive El Verano”. Her album, “Paulina”, sold more than 3 million copies and it was Billboard Latin Chart’s Album of 2001. After that came “I’m So In Love – Grandes Exitos” where she sang in English. Paulina’s last album, “Border Girl”, is her first English album. It includes her first English single “Don’t Say Goodbye”.

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Paulina Rubio wants cum on her body

January 28th, 2010 by pauli

It’s tough being a celebrity. People always misinterpret your actions, even the mundande ones. Especially the mundane ones. An innocent day at a beach for Miss A-lister, and boom–headlines scream “Celebrity X Attention Whoring At The Beach What A Slut”. A little feel-good nose job? “Insecure Bitch Mangles Face” comes at you in big, bold letters. That’s the way tabloids go, and you wouldn’t want to believe it, but it adds spice to an otherwise recycled controversy about our Tinseltown stay-ins. That said, we follow suit.

Paulina Rubio might not be on everyone’s fantasy wishlist, but she knows how to provide fodder when your erotic dreams are starting to run low. Here she is getting drenched in the face with white seafoam and seaspray… now how’s that for fantasy fuel? She just makes it too easy. Now (and here comes the segue) picture Paulina in bed, and all that untamed water slapping her body all over a placeholder for some cum-blasting she’ll be getting from you. And she looks like she’s wanting some; aside from making it easy for the tabloids to wrench a story out of your attention-seeking traipse at the beach, you’re actually giving the airbrushers prime material to add to your growing collection of fake, naked pictures, Paulina. If only you could see how incredibly hot those pictures are, you might want to take a leaf out of one of them and put them into practice. You know, surround yourself with multi-ethnic cocks and get gangbanged in every orifice in your body: pussy, ass, mouth, and damn it, your tits could do for a motorboating too. Then next time, you wouldn’t have to resort to your imagination and turn all that seaspray into the cum you know you badly want all over you. I badly want my cum all over you.

You guys want too, I know, but for now, we should just satisfy ourselves with these hot, fake naked pictures of Paulina Rubio. Sometimes, they’re even better than the real thing.

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January 22nd, 2010 by pauli

Frankly, we don’t see much of Paulina Rubio these days, probably becuse 1) she likes hanging out in Mexico better than here in th US, 2) her talent isn’t as relevant as it was before, or 3) she’s not being skanky enough to make headlines. Unfortunately, that’s how you make heads turn these days: by offering up a sizable amount of skin to the Paparazzi Gods of Filth. Look at that slutty nobody Tila Tequila; she’s just about made every lie there is on earth and shown more skin than her body allows her, and how is she doing? Quite good, but only if you consider the volume of attention she’s getting, not what kind. Anyway, I should lend a hand and help boost Paulina’s dropping fame in the nudity sector, and post these hardcore fuck pictures of Paulina Rubio for her and everyone else’s enjoyment.

You can be damn sure they’re fucking fakes, but they actually serve a purpose, which is to fool people for a moment that there are actual nude pictures of Paulina littering the web. Sometimes though, you get tired waiting for real celebrity pussy getting fucked senseless by cock after cock and just rely on good ol’ airbrushing talents. Anyway, they’re good enough, if you care to see. Everything seems so real, which makes me fantasize about Paulina Rubio gangbanged and mouthfucked by three guys simultaneously. And she shouldn’t be offended; if anything, she should be flattered that somebody thought she has the skill–or oral space–to blow two cocks at the same time. No, she shouldn’t.

Our cocks salute Paulina Rubio

January 22nd, 2010 by pauli

Back in 2007, Paulina Rubio stirred up something bad over in her Mexican homeland. She covered the Spanish version of Cosmopolitan naked–except for the Mexican flag draped around her, depriving us of a Grammy-award winning pair of tits. Yeah, they called it a desecration of a national symbol, yada yada yada. The issue, if I’m correct, didn’t blow up into a full-scale scandal, which probably meant Paulian got off scot-free.

So I guess the Mexican government would prefer that Paulina Rubio covered for the magazine naked instead, huh? Well how about desecrating the purity of the feminine image? No, I guess not, or they would have been after these naked pictures of Paulina Rubio like the shit-stirring pack of hypocrites that they are. These pictures are sure to fetch some Latina-hungry boners out there, so why deny you of your afternoon delight? Check out more of Paulina Rubio’s homage to the feminine physique with the rest of her naked and dirty pictures. She’s handing off more titties and pussies than donating to Mexican-based charity, I can tell you! Our cocks are doing a full-bodied salute to this charity in flesh. Don’t blame her if she’s a little less patriotic here, with no flag to protect her from foreign eyes. Shame on you, Mexico, you drove her to do this. But I guess nobody’s stirring up wars about this, huh? As the old saying among men goes, there’s unity in nudity.

Nah, I just made that up.